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Enhancement for 3D Printing in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Now in SOLIDWORKS you can check whether your model will fit inside a specific 3D printer or not

3D printing is new industrial revolution and the industrial world is accepting it. SOLIDWORKS also adopts it and provides improved design experience for its users. To develop a successful 3D printed part, it is necessary that your model should fit inside the printing area of a 3D printer. Also you can reorient the model to fit into the build envelope using SOLIDWORKS.

Now SOLIDWORKS users can check whether their geometry is going to fit inside a print area of 3D Printer, in SOLIDWORKS itself. They don’t need to convert their model into STL files. SOLIDWORKS 2020 has a comprehensive database of 3D printer with up to date build envelope information. You can easily search or browse for your 3D printer and mark it to the favourites list so that from next time onwards you can access it quickly.

SOLIDWORKS 3D Printer Database
SOLIDWORKS 3D Printer Database
Checking Model with Build Envelope

Generating and storing Slicing Data for 3D Printing

Users can generate slicing data for 3D printing from their solid geometry itself, no need to convert the model into a mesh file. Also, user can save the slicing information by saving it in 3MF (3D Manufacturing Format) format.  Apart from 3D geometric data, user can store the 2D slicing data, material, textures, colour and more in 3MF format

Users can preview the slices; you need to specify the bottom plane, layer height and minimum edge length. Based on user input SOLIDWORKS will show the slices of the geometry.

Before Slicing

After Slicing

These new enhancements for 3D printing in SOLIDWORKS 2020 help its user to convert their design to prototype to manufacturing easily and quickly