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How to reduce SolidWorks startup time?

Generally, when you are opening the SolidWorks, it undergoes a series of checking such as license verification, loading user interface component, and Initializing .net framework, starting SolidWorks and then it loads Add-Ins.

Impedes during SolidWorks openings are mostly happen due to one of the following reasons, one of that is taking more time to verify the license and loading user interface, This delay in time due to the leftover files of the previous installation and the other one is to load the SolidWorks add-ins which influence the opening time. The following are the solution to those two problems.

  1. Remove the previous installation log files in the following folder “C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet” Open the Folder and delete all the installation logs in it, open SolidWorks. You will notice a significant improvement in SolidWorks opening time.
steps to reduce SolidWorks startup time

Note:If it is standalone installation after deleting these files SolidWorks need to be reactivated

2) Apart from the functionalities of SolidWorks, it also has Add-ins that can be added based on the requirements. There are few Add-ins that might starts along with the SolidWorks. It can be unchecked only after the opening of SolidWorks, wait for it to open, and then go to Tools. Find Add-ins on the list and click on them which will open the dialog box as shown in the image, uncheck all the checkbox of SolidWorks Add-Ins on both the right-hand side and left-hand side.