Collaborative Business Innovator


Accelerate the pace of product innovation by enabling multi-discipline teams to collaborate in real time on a single platform on the cloud.

3dexperince works

The cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the hub for all your product development needs providing access to a growing portfolio of solutions that work together seamlessly. Collaborative Business Innovator provides fundamental capabilities, enables SOLIDWORKS users to create dashboards and social communities, aggregate and securely share data, connect people, knowledge and information in one place. It empowers collaboration in context, agility, and faster time to market by removing the need for multiple disconnected tools.

Collaborative Business Innovator - KEY CAPABILITIES

Securely store and share your SOLIDWORKS and other files from any device

Upload your designs directly from SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with 3DDrive. 3DDrive understands the relationships between SOLIDWORKS part, assembly and drawing files. These relationships are preserved during download, open, move and copy operations. Share files with anyone in a secure manner. Mashup data from Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox directly into 3DDrive.

Monitor your business and share real-time information with configurable dashboards

Create dashboards to provide personalized views into the latest, up-to-date information that is relevant to you, your teams and executives. Use pre-configured widgets to follow trends, receive alerts to data feeds, and monitor information from all sources. Use dashboards for customer reviews, make
data-driven decisions.

Instantly visualize, explore and mark up your SOLIDWORKS and other files directly in the web browser

Everyone – your customers, partners or suppliers can visualize SOLIDWORKS files in the browser, at any time from anywhere on any device, without needing specialist CAD tools and without downloading any plug-ins. Explode assemblies, zoom, pan and rotate designs with instinctive multi-touch gestures. Navigate 3D assembly structure to cross-highlight, section, measure, annotate and comment.

Share unstructured and structured content through activity streams

Provide immediate feedback to your teams with comments and threaded discussions. Include pictures, links, as well as 2D and 3D content. Direct comments to specific users with @User tag.

Create communities, assign tasks and capture knowledge using blogs, persistent chat, and video calls

Collaborate with your team using social communities, public or private, to exchange information, share ideas, and participate in surveys. Assign and manage tasks directly from within your communities. Engage in real-time persistent conversations and enrich interactions with audio and video calls. Publish content to any community directly from 3DDrive.

Stay informed with automated, centralized alerts

Subscribe to notifications and receive real-time alerts on important activities. View and manage multiple notifications at once. Choose when and how to receive your notifications.

Search across all your data and find what you need in an instant

All your data is indexed and automatically tagged enabling you to quickly find and retrieve your data on your mobile device or from SOLIDWORKS desktop. Create additional tags so you can search based on your specific business needs.

collaborative business innovator