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3DEXPEREINCE Works simulation is Built on industry-leading Abaqus technology. Being part of the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio means any engineer can easily access advanced simulation without the need for expensive hardware. An added benefit is faster product delivery, thanks to real-time collaboration and data sharing capabilities. Being part of the cloud- based 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio means any engineer can easily access advanced simulation without the need for expensive hardware. An added benefit is faster product delivery, thanks to real-time collaboration and data sharing capabilities. SIMULIAworks is a portfolio of connected, powerful and collaborative simulation solutions on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It empowers you to accelerate design innovation by solving engineering challenges for your SOLIDWORKS 3D designs with full data associativity.
You can perform any structural analysis tasks with confidence, from the simplest linear static analysis to the most
complex nonlinear drop test and impact analyses, by leveraging the built-in market-proven Abaqus solver technology. The intuitive, interactive 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables your teams to share and visualize 3D simulation results and collaborate in real time from anywhere with a web browser. You can also easily create and assign tasks and manage multiple projects to speed up project delivery. 



Perform complex linear and non-linear analysis under realistic conditions to intuitively validate designs and
make product decisions faster.

Structural Mechanics Engineer on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to conduct structural linear and nonlinear static, low and high-speed dynamic and thermal simulation of product behavior. Its material calibration capabilities help ensure accurate material behavior modeling. The platform lets your engineering teams collaborate in real time and securely share simulation results from anywhere and on any device.

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Provide a Robust Engineering Workflow Fully Associative with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

• Connecting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the cloud-based
3DEXPERIENCE platform enables your team to save and
manage your SOLIDWORKS geometry on the platform
directly from SOLIDWORKS and share it through a browser
• Once on the platform, you can easily test SOLIDWORKS
geometries with Structural Mechanics Engineer relying on
full simulation associativity for best-in-class designs
simulation workflows
• Enable traceable revisions of what-if scenarios for   workflows

Solve Complex Engineering Problems

• Enable your engineering team to conduct a large variety of analysis procedures (linear and nonlinear static, nonlinear implicit and explicit dynamic, frequency, thermal, and more) to ensure validation accuracy and robustness
• Use implicit and explicit methods to cover a very wide range of structural simulation applications such as drop tests, impacts, crash, snap fits, gasket compression and pre-loaded bolted assemblies
• Efficiently handle large displacements, large rotations and large strain, improving simulation accuracy. Simulate multiple and sequential load cases to represent exactly the real  loading conditions

Offer a Productive Meshing and Modeling Environment

• Use reliable contact detection capability to ensure accurate interactions prediction even on large models
• Enable users to simulate any type of geometry with reliable meshing tools (beam, shell, or solid including tetrahedron and brick elements) and improve pre-processing efficiency
• Use the large material models library to define the right behavior (including non-linear behavior such as hyperelasticity or plasticity) and ensure simulation fidelity
• Standardize and democratize your simulation workflows
enabling experts to easily customize the user interface and guide non-experts or first-time users through the simulation

Empower Engineers with Intuitive and Comprehensive Results Investigation Experience

• Enable high-performance results visualization, particularly
for very large models including realistic rendering
• Facilitate collaborative decision making across the
organization using online dashboards to review, compare,
and perform tradeoffs between design alternatives
• Run simulation computations on multiple cores either on a
local computer or remotely on the cloud* to free up local
machines for other work

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