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Solid Edge for MSMEs

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises MSMEs have access to industry-leading, professional product development software—with flexible licensing to meet your budget needs. Solid Edge addresses today’s complexity challenges with automated digital solutions that cultivate creativity and collaboration. Solid Edge provides users with a complete portfolio of solutions to meet a wide range of business needs.

Solid Edge software encompasses 2D and 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, design management, and finite element analysis. Leveraging Synchronous Technology, users can:

  • Swiftly implement changes directly at any stage of the design process, without the need for rebuilding geometry.
  • Seamlessly reuse existing geometry for enhanced productivity.
  • Efficiently collaborate across multiple parts within an assembly simultaneously.
  • Seamlessly integrate and work with imported geometry as if it were native to the platform.
  • Generate production-ready drafting and documentation quickly and effortlessly.
  • Perform part simulations and Flow Simulation based on FloEFD, Femap and Nastran.

In addition to advanced product development capabilities, we Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd provide access to training and resources to get you up to speed quickly and a vibrant online and offline community where you can ask questions and share successes.

Parasolid Inside

The powerhouse driving Solid Edge is Siemens Parasolid software, renowned as the foremost computer-aided geometric modeling kernel across industries. Parasolid serves as the backbone for numerous applications in Computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), Computer-aided engineering (CAE), Product visualization, and CAD data exchange. Among its prominent users are SIEMENS NX, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, Abaqus, HyperMesh, MasterCAM, and Delcam. Parasolid ensures seamless 3D model compatibility, facilitating smooth integration across product development platforms. Through the creation and manipulation of digital 3D models, Solid Edge exemplifies Siemens’ commitment to empowering users with transformative digital capabilities. This digital transformation levels the technological playing field, enabling even small organizations to compete effectively with larger enterprises.

Engine behind Solid Edge is Parasolid used by NX and SOLIDWORKS


Solid Edge 3D Design

Everything you need in a design solution,  including synchronous technology, generative modeling, additive manufacturing, and reverse engineering.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Solutions to support a variety of traditional and new manufacturing techniques, including machining, welding, sheet metal, molding, and additive manufacturing.


By starting simulation early in design, changes are made when they are easiest, time-to-manufacture is shortened, and cost-to-manufacture can be reduced.

Electrical Design

Solid Edge electrical design software was developed to satisfy the requirements of companies where ease of use and value are as important as functionality

Data Management

Data management that meet the needs of all manufacturers, from startups and very small firms to larger manufacturers with distributed operations.

Technical Publications

Quickly create many types of technical documents, from simple illustrations for end user manuals to interactive technical documents for manufacturing and service.


Instantly, securely and easily collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers with Siemens’ next-generation, cloud-based collaboration solution, Teamcenter Share.

Realistic 3D Rendering

Solid Edge offers built-in rendering, allowing you to create photo-realistic images and animations from within the modeling environment.

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Solid Edge 3D CAD Packages

Solid Edge Foundation Product Content

Solid Edge Foundation

Our comprehensive 3D CAD package encompasses the entire spectrum of features found in Solid Edge Design and Drafting, while also integrating additional functionalities such as sheet metal design, frame and weldments tools, and surface modeling. With added capabilities for 2.5 axis milling, plastic part design, bulk migration tools, design configuration options, and built-in functionality for basic FEA simulation covering stress, motion, and vibration analysis.



Solid Edge Classic Product Content

Solid Edge Classic

Solid Edge Classic embodies the quintessential 3D CAD package, encompassing the full suite of capabilities from Solid Edge Foundation, with additional advanced features. These include design for cost optimization, reverse engineering through 3D scanning, an AI-driven user interface, subdivision modeling, generative design tools, photo-realistic rendering capabilities, dynamic visualization options, CAD Direct functionality, a comprehensive standard parts library, seamless integration with vendor catalogs, and access to engineering references such as springs and gears

Solid Edge Premium Product Content

Solid Edge Premium

Solid Edge Premium stands as our highly sought-after 3D CAD solution, encompassing all the features of Solid Edge Classic while introducing advanced functionalities. These include advanced motion simulation, stress simulation, simulation optimization, point cloud visualization, electrical routing capabilities, collaborative PCB design, and specialized tools for pipe and tube design.




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