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SolidWorks Education Program

Training Centres

Private CAD training institutions can enrich the knowledge and skill set of young engineers which in turn contributes to the skilled workforce requirement of the Nation. Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd is committed to render support to startup training institutions. If you have passion for teaching, we could help you to establish a world class SolidWorks Authorised Training Centre !


"Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."
-Albert einstein

University education

Give your Student a competitive advantage by educating them SolidWorks, the most widely used 3D design software in the world.

SOLIDWORKS Education Program offers an extensive suite of proven tools—engineering design, mechanical and flow simulation, sustainable design, electrical, documentation, visualization—in one, integrated, easy-to-learn software package.

university research

If your research involves developing Intellectual Property (IP), patents, or publishing the results of your projects, the SOLIDWORKS Research Edition is the perfect tool for the job.

Research License gives researchers the latest in SOLIDWORKS design and science engineering technology, while connecting them with other users around the world.

extended support

Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd is a signed up partner of SolidWorks Inc, representing Education, Research and Commercial Editions. You may note that SolidWorks provided us with 100% Club Award for Education during Award Night Held at Los Angeles on February 7th 2018, CA.With Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd, you can always “Expect More” in terms of Training and support.

SolidWorks Authorized Training Centre

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