SolidWorks 3D CAD Product Matrix





Learn Fast: In-Context and Toolbar Menus, Command Search, Built-In Tutorials, Searchable Help Documentation

Work Fast: Hot Keys, Customizable Commands, APIs

Get Help Fast: Local and Worldwide Support Services

Sketch and UI Support for Touch Compatible Devices

3D Solid Modeling

Conceptual Design

Assembly Structure Planning: SOLIDWORKS Treehouse

Direct Model Geometry Modification

Large Assembly Design

Advanced Surface Design

Sheet Metal Design


Plastic Part Design

Mold Design

Automatic Drawing View Creation

Automatic Drawing View Updates

Drafting Standards: ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS, BSI, GOST, GB

Manual and Automated Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Annotations and Symbols

Automatic Bill of Materials (BOM), Exploded Views, Balloon Notes

Hole Tables, Weld Tables, Pipe Bend Tables, Cut Lists

Sheet Metal Bend Notes

Automated Creation of Radial/Cylindrical Exploded Views

Find Your Data (SOLIDWORKS Search)

Design Automation (DriveWorksXpress)

Part and Assembly Configurations

Reuse 2D and 3D CAD Data

3D CAD Models from Suppliers (

Move Assembly by Dragging Components

Move Assembly with Motors

CAD Videos

Basic CAD Rendering (RealView)

3D Walk Through/Fly Through

Collision and Interference Detection

Hole Alignment and Thread Checks

3D Interconnect for Associative Import of 3D Models

Read Printed Circuit Board Data as 3D Parts (IFC)

Import/Export Over 30 CAD Formats

Print directly to 3D printers: AMF and 3MF formats

MCAD to AEC: Prepare and export to AEC applications

3D Models for CAD/CAM Integration with CAM Partners

View eDrawings Files

3D Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Model Based Definition)


Maintain and Update Existing 2D Drawings – edit and view DWG files in DraftSight

2D to 3D CAD Conversion Tools

Intellectual Property Protection (Defeature)

Design Review Markup and Viewing (Large Design Review)

Interactive Feature Recognition and Conversion

Automatic Feature Recognition and Conversion

Part Environmental Impact Analysis

Part Structural Analysis

Basic Flow Analysis

Power Selection Tools

Symmetry Check

Copy Feature Info into Other Features (Feature Paint)

Find and Replace in Drawing

Thickness Analysis

Geometry Check for CAM

Compare Parts and Drawings for Changes

Rules-based Manufacturability Checks (DFMXpress)

Draft and Undercut Analysis

Sheet Metal Checks and Flat Pattern

Over One Million Standard Fasteners and Components (Toolbox)

Beam, Bearing, and Cam Design Wizard

Automatic Assembly of Fasteners and Components

Compare Manufacturing Costs

Automated Manufacturing Cost Estimation

Customizable Manufacturing Settings

Output Cost Report

Import/Export of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designs

Automatic Electrical Component Assembly

Two-Way Data Exchange: ECAD to MCAD – MCAD to ECAD

IDF, ProStep (IDX) or PADS (*.ASC)

PCB Outlines, Keep-Out Areas, Maximum Heights

Filter Display for Clarification

Compare Board Designs for Differences

Design Change Notes

Photo Quality Images and Animations

Control Camera View, Lighting, Materials, Textures

Verify Designs against Company Standards

Automatically Correct Non-Conforming Issues

Customize Design Check Rules

Worst Case and RSS Maximum/Minimum

Identify Highest Contributing Tolerances

Automatic Update of Analysis when Design Changes

User and Group Access Rights

File Vaulting

Secure Check-in and Check-out

Automated Revision Control